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TopSpin Air-Cooled lower speed centrifuge

TOPSCIEN Topspin bench centrifuge is suitable for extraction of medical products, blood bank, clinical trial and of blood serum,plasma, body fluids and biological specimen in biology laboratory


USE advance and reliable infineon vector current drive control system, The RPM . RCF and timing can be controlled accurately

The aperational parameters showed and set in 5 inch large LCD display window dearly.

Brushless variable frequency motor free of maintenance,speed range 100-6000rpm. Accuracy ±15rpm;

Speed and RCF increment is 10rpm/1Oxg

Operational time seting:1-9Hours/1-99Minutes/1-59 Seconds three modes available . Accuracy ±1 Second

Sort Spin(Flash),Press the button and can be reached the fast&convenient centrifuging,and stock the last operational parameters automatic.

High strength material for machine and rotor with corrosion-resistant,good sealing preformance and autoclavable;stainless steel chamber strong and durable

The automatic suction type double lock with quiet and safety, speed upor speed down shown in real time on the LCD display meet all kinds of requirements .

Single knob for setling and changing the operational parameters fastly.

The lid include the over-speed,over-current, over-voltage protection and imbalance system ensure the machine operated safety,sound alert after operating or error,the LED display show the corresponding error code

Ventilation cooling system and excellent air heat exchange technolagy which will be reduced the rotor temperature ensure the sample undamaged sound alert and automatic open the led after the rotor stops.

It include the spacer later outside chamber for absorbing the noise reducing the vibration;

Technical data:
Technical data
Power supply
AC110V/AC230 50~60Hz
Power consumption drive
Max Capacity
Max.speed rpm
Interference suppression
5 inch large LCD display
Brushless variable frequency motor free of maintenance
Time setting Range
Max.Acceleration time
Max.Deceleration time
at23℃ ambient temperature

Basket/swing rotor 100mlx4

Basket/swing rotor 50mlx4
Basket/swing rotor 50mlx8
Basket/swing rotor 15mlx24
Basket/swing rotor 15mlx32