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  • Product Name: TC-ReforcePro High speed refrigerated centrifuge
  • Release time: 2023-10-28 14:20:14
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  • TOPSCIEN is a leading provider of OEM or Original Equipment Manufacture liquid handling solutions. Thanks to our know-how and experience, we can take care of the whole process from engineering concept to dispatch.We have developed different technologies that can be applied to custom-made pipetting solutions. These include both electronic and mechanical pipette platforms. As a customer you can rest assured: Topscien 's solutions allow you to improve not only the safety and reliability, but also the ease-of-use of your liquid handling system.

    In many applications, such as diagnostic test and analysis systems, the accuracy of the results and reliability of the system are mission-critical. This requires a lot from all components of the system including the pipette. Topscien places great emphasis on the accuracy , precision, safety and user-friendliness of its products. Its application-specific solutions have been carefully manufactured in accordance with international quality standards.

    Custom-made for your needs

    The Start electronic and mechanical pipettes, as well as the new dispenser module families are easy-to-adapt platforms for your liquid handling system. For more specific needs, Topscien offers tailored solutions based on any of its pipettes.

    To learn more about Topscien’s OEM solutions, contact us.wilsonw@topscien.com

TC-ReforcePro High speed refrigerated centrifuge

TC-ReforcePro high speed refrigerated centrifuge has the advantages ofpowerful function,high versatility,ease of operation and so on. lt adoptsadvanced control technology,reliable quality and superior performance. lt iswidely used in medical laboratory, biochemical and molecular biology researchand routine analysis in industrial laboratory,genetic genes,protein nucleicacid. PCR products and other experimental studies are mire significant. Avariety of rotors can be adapted to meet the needs of daily experiments.


  • Tight structure's design saving valuable laboratory space;

  • A wide selection of rotors and adapters for all commonly used centrifugal tubes;

  • lmported refrigeration compressor /R134A environment-friendly refrigerant, PIDdigital temperature control, faster and more accurate refrigeration effect;

  • Quick pre-cooling function with independent pre-cooling on the panel, which canreach 4°℃ in a very short time at room temperature;

  • With temperature control self-setting function in different environments, withouthuman intervention;

  • Automatic rotor identification and imbalance detection to ensure centrifugal safety;

  • Single Flash instantaneous centrifugal button can be quickly and convenientlycentrifuged by pressing down.

  • Centrifugal door cover adopts double air rod support to make the opening andclosing more smoothly

  • 10 custom storage program /5 panels on the fast storage program call, moreconvenient and quickly

  • The centrifugation chamber adopts Teflon coating to resist the centrifugation ofhighly corrosive samples.

  • Built-in startup timing and stable timing 2 ways can be effectively calculatedcentrifugal efficiency;

  • Built-in startup timing and stable timing 2 ways can be effectively calculatedcentrifugal efficiency;

Rotor parameters



Power supplyAC220V/50~60Hz or AC110V/50Hz
Power supply750w
Max.capacity loading400 (100ml×4)
Speed range100~16000rpm / 10rpm(step increase)
Speed accuracy±20rpm
Max.RCF23470×g/(step increase)10×g
Static temperature setting range-20°C~+40°C/(step increase)0.5°C/±0.1℃
Temperature control under Max.load and Max.speed-12°C~+40°C/±0.5°C
MotorMaintenance-free brushless DC frequency conversion motor
Effective centrifugation time99 hours/59 minutes/59 seconds; ±1 second
Max.Acceleration time18s/9
Max. Deceleration time20s/10
Noice level at Max.speed≤65dB(A)
IP GradeIP20
Allowed ambient temperature/relative humidity+5°C~40°C/80%
Interference suppressionEN61010-1, EN 61010-2-020, EN 61326-1, EN 61010-3-2/A2


8012100TC-ReforceProHigh speed refrigerated centrifuge  Max:16000(r/min)
8012100-1TC-RFP011.5/2ml×24 Angle rotor  (Max:16000rpm / 23470xg)
8012100-2TC-RFP021.5/2ml×18 Angle rotor  (Max:16000rpm / 19550xg)
8012100-3TC-RFP031.5/2ml×36 Angle rotor  (Max:14000rpm / 17970xg)
8012100-4TC-RFP040.5ml×36 Angle rotor  (Max:15000rpm / 16350xg)
8012100-5TC-RFP055ml×12 Angle rotor (Max:16000rpm / 18890xg)
8012100-6TC-RFP065ml×8 Angle rotor  (Max:16000rpm / 19380xg)
8012100-7TC-RFP070.2ml×8 Strips X4 rotor (Max:14800rpm / 16200xg)
8012100-8TC-RFP0815ml×8 Angle rotor  (Max:13000rpm / 17570xg)
8012100-9TC-RFP0950ml×6Angle rotor  (Max:12000rpm / 14750xg)
8012100-10TC-RFP10100ml×4  Angle rotor  (Max:12000rpm / 15940Xg)
8012100-11TC-RFP1110ml×12 Angle rotor  (Max:13000rpm / 15315xg)
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