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  • Product Name: SmartPro Microcentrifuge
  • Release time: 2024-3-11 13:30:55
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  • TOPSCIEN is a leading provider of OEM or Original Equipment Manufacture liquid handling solutions. Thanks to our know-how and experience, we can take care of the whole process from engineering concept to dispatch.We have developed different technologies that can be applied to custom-made pipetting solutions. These include both electronic and mechanical pipette platforms. As a customer you can rest assured: Topscien 's solutions allow you to improve not only the safety and reliability, but also the ease-of-use of your liquid handling system.

    In many applications, such as diagnostic test and analysis systems, the accuracy of the results and reliability of the system are mission-critical. This requires a lot from all components of the system including the pipette. Topscien places great emphasis on the accuracy , precision, safety and user-friendliness of its products. Its application-specific solutions have been carefully manufactured in accordance with international quality standards.

    Custom-made for your needs

    The Start electronic and mechanical pipettes, as well as the new dispenser module families are easy-to-adapt platforms for your liquid handling system. For more specific needs, Topscien offers tailored solutions based on any of its pipettes.

    To learn more about Topscien’s OEM solutions, contact us.wilsonw@topscien.com

SmartPro Microcentrifuge

SmartPro centrifuge active introduction of foreign designing and manufacturingtechnology, the overall contour structure compact, artistic, smooth and small in area,its high versatility and adaptability.The SmartPro centrifuge suitable for micro-porous tube filter, faster-spinning , microblood cell separating, Microbial sample processing, PCR centrifuging, Prevent thecentrifuge tube with hanging wall issue.The Multi-Rotor can be placed 12 microtubesand 4(8x0.2ml)PCR strips and the Strip-Rotor can be placed 4(12x0.2ml)PCRstrips.The Max speed can be reach 12000rpm/min .The SmartPro microcentrifuge isa personal centrifuge with unmatched capacity and flexibility.


  • Safety lid-lock

  • Push type automatic lid opening

  • Short-spin centrifugation available

  • RPM and RCF switched in display

  • Timer from 1sec-999min

  • Multi-Rotor for tubes and Strips

  • LCD display of time and speed

  • Double capacity of minicentrifuge

  • Adjustable speed from 1000rpm-12000rpm

Technical Data:

12X1.5ml/2.0ml tubes
32X0.2ml PCR tubes
4XPCR strips (8X0.2ml)
4X PCR strips (12X0.2ml)
Speed: adjustable, 1000-12000RPM
Electrical: 100-2500V,50-60Hz 30W

Order information

8012090SmartPro-7 1-7Krpm/min with mult 12X1.5/2.0ml+8X0.2/0.5ml1X4PCR & 12X0.2/0.5mlX4PCR  Strips rotor
8012091SmartPro-12 1-12Krpm/minwith mult 12X1.5/2.0ml+8X0.2/0.5ml1X4PCR & 12X0.2/0.5mlX4PCR  Strips rotor
8012092SmartPro-121-12Krpm/min with 4X5ml EP +4X1.5/2.0ml combi rotor
8012093SmartPro-71-7Krpm/min with 4X3ml/5ml vacutainer+4X1.5/2.0ml combi rotor
8012094SmartPro-12 1-12Krpm/min with 12 capillary hematocrit  rotor (40mm)
8012095SmartPro-71-7Krpm/min with 4X5ml EP +4X1.5/2.0ml combi rotor
8012090-1Multi-Rotor12X1.5ml/2.0 tubes &4xPCR strips (8X0.2ml) rotor
8012090-2PCR Strips-Rotor12X0.2/0.5mlX4PCR  Strips rotor
8012092-1EP5ML-Rotor 4X5ml EP tube+4X1.5/2.0ml combi rotor
8012093-13/5MLCombi-Rotor4X3ml/5ml vacutainer+4X1.5/2.0ml 5ml combi rotor
8012094-1HCT-Rotor12 capillary hematocrit Rotor
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